Ways in which you can apply for bad credit mobile phones

If you are thinking of applying for bad credit mobile phones for the first time, you might be in a dilemma as to the number of ways in which you can apply and get approved. Fortunately for you, you’ve come to the right place as I am going to shed light on the different ways in which you can apply for bad credit mobile phones and get approved.

But have you ever wondered the reasons as to why a person should apply for bad credit mobile phones? Why should a person go for bad credit mobile phones?

Brick and mortar offices

The truth of the matter is that each mobile phone provider has a physical brick and mortar premise from which you can make an application. If you are the kind of person who prefers interacting with a physical person and getting immediate answers face to face, then applying for a bad credit mobile contract from a brick and mortar provider is of essence. There you will get a representative who will walk you through the plans available, the costs for each, the contract length as well as the costs.

The only downside is that if you leave on the other side of town, it might take a couple of minutes say 30 or even an hour to get to your physical provider. Additionally, you might need to wait on line for your turn especially if you found other people waiting to be served that arrive before you.


Brokers are essentially middlemen. These are the guys who simply match you up with a given provider based on the information you provide them while seeking for bad credit mobile phones. While they could save you all the hassle of having to search for a provider by yourself, there are a number of demerits you will face. For starters, brokers generally share your information with so many providers that the security of your personal information becomes at risk. Additionally, they always deduct a fee from your account which most of the time they never disclose due to your ignorance of not reading the fine print. It is therefore essential that you read the fine print before engaging with brokers to match you up with a bad credit mobile provider.


You definitely know of the numerous benefits that come with making an application through an online portal. It’s not only convenient but also fast and very simple and doesn’t require you to move an inch. You simply need to do a simple research or make use of a comparison site to get all the information about various providers within your locality at your fingertips. You can apply from wherever you are located in the UK without having to deal with traffic jams, queues at the brick and mortar offices and fax your documents within minutes. However, you need to take caution as to ensure that the website you are using to make an application is encrypted and secure so that your financial and personal details do not get into the wrong hands such as cyber criminals.

To build up your credit score from scratch

Yes! You read it right. Your eyes are not playing tricks on you. Getting approved for a contract when you have no credit score is just as impossible as it is for a person with a bad credit score. The thinking that financial institutions/lenders as well as mobile phone providers ascribe to is that they don’t have a way in which they can verify how prudent or responsible you are when it comes to handling cash. In that regard, the best thing to do would be to go for bad credit mobile phones and start building your credit score from scratch. Of course, once you get a good score, you can always go for standard contracts that are relatively cheaper and boast of the best perks!