(1). How do bad credit mobile phones work?

Bad credit mobile phones essentially work by giving individuals deemed to have a poor credit rating or bad credit a reprieve of sorts. Considering that individuals with bad credit always suffer the wrath of rejections, bad credit mobile phones are designed to ensure that they get accepted every time they apply for a phone contract. In essence, they do not attract any credit checks and this is the reason why they are very popular.

(2). Who can apply for bad credit mobile phones?

Anyone with a history of defaults, CCJs and with a poor credit rating is free to apply for bad credit mobile phones. Additionally, you need to provide proof of UK citizenship, provide proof that you are in some sort of employment with a monthly income and lastly be of legal age (18 years).

(3). What is your acceptance rate for bad credit mobile phones?

At Hampton Phones, we pride ourselves in having one of the highest acceptance rates for bad credit mobile phones in the UK market. When you apply for a bad credit mobile phone contract with us, we can guarantee you a 99% chance of approval.

(4). Can I apply for bad credit mobile phones even if I have a history of defaults?

Yes. We do not discriminate against you based on your history of defaults or CCJs. You therefore can still apply even if you have a history of CCJs. However, we will require you to pay a small deposit as an upfront payment before we can approve you.

(5). What is your policy on upfront deposit?

Because we do not use credit checks to decline or reject your application, we require that you pay a small sum of money upfront as security to reduce the risk on our side. We believe that by reducing risks on our side we are able to offer you better services and better perks in the packages we offer.

(6). Do you offer only brand new phones contracts?

No. We offer both brand new phones and refurbished phones. The reason for this is because we are cognizant of the fact that our customers have different budgets and financial capabilities. As such, if you feel like you want a relatively cheaper plan, we always offer attractive refurbished mobile phone plans.

(7). What options do I have when it comes to choosing mobile handsets?

At Hampton phones, we believe that people have different preferences and in this regard we have a number of different mobile handsets such as Motorola, Microsoft Lumia Phones, HTC phones, Samsung Galaxy and many more. However, we would require you to pay an upfront fee if you are to access one of the high end handsets.

(8). Do you offer an option for an upgrade if I prove my mettle and loyalty in making monthly payments without default?

Of course we do. We are always committed to building relationships as opposed to focusing on making money alone. As such, if you do not default in your payments, we can assure that you will qualify for an upgrade to a better package in the foreseeable future. We are in the business of making our customers feel cherished and valued.

(9). Will I have to change my mobile phone number when I apply for a bad credit mobile phone with you?

No, you don’t need to worry about changing your mobile phone. The reason behind this is that we have been able to establish collaboration and work closely with some of the top networks in the UK. What this means is that you won’t have to suffer the inconvenience of changing your number to a new one that your friends don’t know about.