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Welcome to Hampton Phones

Is the burden of bad credit weighing you down every time you seek for a mobile phone contract? Do you feel tired of being turned down every time you seek for a mobile phone contract approval? Is your patience running out and feeling as if the world is unfair to you? Are you looking for a provider who will overlook your credit status and approve you for a phone contract? If that’s the case, worry not as Hampton Phones was established for the sole purpose of giving reprieve to people like you. We can proudly state that we’ve been able to help thousands of people from every part of the United Kingdom snag for themselves a mobile phone plan that meets their expectations.

As a top tier provider, we believe that using credit scores as a basis to deny individuals the basic right to use a phone is simply unacceptable. While this practice has been around for many years, we believe that a poor credit score is not always an indication of poor financial management or an indication of financial irresponsibility. We therefore have made it our core objective to help as many people as possible with a poor credit rating get approved for a phone contract.

What we pride ourselves in

As Hampton Phones, we pride ourselves in giving our customers more than 100%. When you come to us, you can be rest assured that you will be given 100% as any of our highly reliable and qualified customer personnel attends to your enquiry. We believe that our customers are our most important asset and that is why we work tirelessly around the clock to ensure that all their needs are met.

We pride ourselves in adhering to the principles of total quality management which essentially means that we do not in any way overlook the needs of all stakeholders. In our attempt to offer our customers with the best services, we constantly ascribe to the ideals of continuous improvement and always coming up with bad credit mobile phone plans that appeal to our different kinds of customers.

Our commitment

Our commitment as Hampton Phones is to help as many people with a poor credit rating get an approval for a mobile phone contract. We are committed to delivering what we promise as well as ensuring that we help as many people as possible from wherever they are situated in the UK make the right decision when it comes to applying for a phone contract. We are committed to being the leading and most successful bad credit mobile phones provider in the UK.

What you stand to benefit when doing business with us

At Hampton Phones, we have the reputation of offering affordable bad credit mobile phones as well as different kind of plans that can meet and possibly exceed the expectations of our customers. You can expect professional advice as relates to bad credit mobile phones as well as ensure that we help you get as much information as possible as regards applying of contracts.

In order to ensure that our customers get the best of everything, we have made efforts to partner with some of the industry

leading mobile phone contract information hubs such as Money Supermarket.


Hampton Phones prides itself in according its customers efficient services. We understand that it’s an injustice for our customers to wait on end before they can receive their handsets. In this regard, we have a policy of ensuring that applications for bad credit mobile phones are approved within 24 hours or latest within 48 hours.